Building Bridges in Newport Beach

Building Bridges in Newport Beach

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Our top Synaptic, Inc. performers recently attended a rewarding conference in Newport Beach, California. This trip was an amazing chance for our brand analysts to network with and learn from successful people they might not have met otherwise. Our firm’s President noted that the beautiful locale only made the conference more memorable.

We typically take a few key strategies into every conference in order to get the most out of the experience. When it comes to soaking up wisdom from keynote speakers and top leaders, we do our best to maximize our time. We know we’ll need to strategize at most events, because there’s often just too much to see and hear. With sessions and speeches, we try to focus on those that add specific value to our career pursuits.

With respect to networking, we’ve definitely found that listening more and speaking less is the way to go. As we meet with prospective additions to our Synaptic, Inc. contact lists, we make every effort to listen intently to what they tell us about their career pursuits and current projects. We pose open-ended questions as well, so that our new connections feel respected and genuinely engaged.

Our team members are already putting what they learned in Newport Beach to good use. Follow Synaptic, Inc. on Instagram for details on our upcoming travel plans.