A Dinner Outing to Remember

A Dinner Outing to Remember

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Our most recent Team Synaptic, Inc. activity turned into a dinner that our top performers won’t soon forget. Michaela, Signor, and Aaron were rewarded for their hard work with a trip to 801 Chophouse in St. Louis and came back to the office with some great memories. Signor had been to the restaurant before and thought his fellow top performers would enjoy it. He was right, and our outstanding brand analysts had a night to remember as a result.

Michaela, Signor, and Aaron were recognized because they’ve stepped up and taken control of things when their teammates needed them to do so. They’ve consistently gone the extra mile to reach their own goals and help their colleagues excel as well. Our firm’s President noted that these three standouts are committed to success and fostering strong team bonds, so they were the ideal choices to be rewarded with such a memorable night out.

When we recognize excellent performance with team dinners or travel incentives, we’re setting the stage for further success. Getting together away from our work roles, even just for a night at a top-of-the-line restaurant, helps us build stronger personal connections that fuel winning teamwork. We always come back to the Synaptic, Inc. office freshly inspired to rack up big victories for the brands we represent.

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