New Brand Launch Means Company Growth

New Brand Launch Means Company Growth

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Synaptic, Inc. leaders are excited to announce the launch of a new campaign with a new brand. Growth is a sign of progress toward our goals and launching a new brand campaign is a great step in the direction of our success. We know that we must continuously innovate and grow in order to survive as a business rather than staying status quo.

“Adding a new brand to our business demonstrates both our growth and the expansion we have worked hard to create within our firm,” shared the President of Synaptic, Inc. “This new brand is unique for us and very different from our other current brands. We are excited not just about the growth in business this represents for our firm, but the chance to expand our skill set to serve our new business. We will be able to see new challenges and create new solutions, plus this experience will make our team stronger.”

“We sincerely believe that, based on our efforts last year to grow, this new project is just the first of many for 2018,” continued the firm’s President. “We set very aggressive goals for 2017 and our success at meeting those goals is what led to gaining a new brand, growing our team, and having the opportunity to embrace this exciting challenge. Our team is excited and ready to continue to grow until we are the best in the nation.”

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