Nick Moves Into the Assistant Manager Position

Nick Moves Into the Assistant Manager Position

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Team Synaptic, Inc. is excited to highlight Nick’s promotion to assistant manager! Two of Nick’s qualities which have helped him rise to this position include selflessness and his drive to go the extra mile. Nick invests a lot of time into helping other people, both inside and outside of the office. He is always working toward setting clear game plans so everyone knows the right course of action. Nick genuinely builds relationships and all of his team members trust that he has their best interests at heart.

While this month it’s Nick’s turn to bask in the spotlight, recognition is a Synaptic, Inc. value that we put into practice all the time. We know how good it feels to be honored by one’s peers, and this positivity translates into some very concrete advantages. For example, when people feel like their hard work is being noticed in an organization, they’re less likely to look elsewhere. Therefore, recognition decreases turnover.

Another (and perhaps even better) reason to acknowledge our team members’ successes is it increases happiness. And when people are happy, they’re more productive. What’s more, they are also more efficient, and more likely to exceed expectations. Of course, we don’t really worry about all that: we just focus on making people happy, and let the rest of it fall into place.

We’re proud to have Nick on our team, and look forward to all he will accomplish in his new role. To see who we put in the spotlight next month, follow Synaptic, Inc. on Instagram.