Our Most Recent (and Very Unique) Team Competition

Our Most Recent (and Very Unique) Team Competition

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Of the many activities that bring us closer as members of Team Synaptic, Inc., our competitions might be the most fun. We took this type of event to a new level with our most recent team night, playing human foosball and making some incredible memories together. We’re an active group, so channeling our competitive sides into a friendly game is an ideal way for us to build stronger bonds.

We spend a lot of time together in the office, which is why we set aside time to bond away from work. To make sure everyone has a say in what we do, we have open discussions on what to try next. We’re always up for something new and exciting. It’s fair to say that human foosball fit the bill. We won’t soon forget this exercise in (hilarious) teamwork.

Our morale-boosting team events have plenty of positive effects. Along with helping us work together more smoothly, our group activities make Synaptic, Inc. an even more attractive destination for ambitious people. Every time we have fun with our colleagues, we build our firm’s reputation as a team-focused and forward-looking place to work. Anyone who visits our office also sees that we’re highly engaged and happy in our work. Activities like human foosball play major roles in these positive workplace traits.

We’re ready for our next team competition, whatever form it takes. Like Synaptic, Inc. on Facebook to learn more about our team-building events.