Travel Supports Our Success and Personal Growth

Travel Supports Our Success and Personal Growth

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Recently, our Synaptic, Inc. team returned from an exciting trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Hand-selected brand ambassadors had the chance to test out the markets in Nashville to see if any might be an ideal location for our upcoming expansion. Some of our recent trips have taken us to other parts of Missouri, plus Kentucky and Illinois.

Exploring has been a large part of our focus over the last couple of months, which has provided a number of growth opportunities for members of our team. Travel of all kinds builds soft skills like resilience and patience, which have a strong influence on a Synaptic, Inc. career.

We also travel to conferences and retreats that invite keynote speakers from all over the world to share their expertise in our industry. We also get to connect with other rising stars in our field, sharing best practices and exchanging contact information so that we can stay in touch and help each other achieve our personal and professional potential.

One of the most important reasons for our travel program is recognition. These journeys are a powerful way to say, “Thank you!” to our top producers and show our gratitude to those who embrace our firm’s mission and values.

Our trip to Nashville was a great success, and we look forward to establishing a base of operations there in the near future. Like Synaptic, Inc. on Facebook to see where we travel to next.