Our Diverse Portfolio Keeps Growing

Our Diverse Portfolio Keeps Growing

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The amount and variety of exciting brands we work with are major sources of pride around Synaptic, Inc. HQ. As our team continues to grow, we’re also adding to our portfolio of innovative products. In both cases, we welcome the challenge of expanding our business. We know that our status as a leading provider of on-site sales promotions is growing right along with our portfolio and team.

As diverse as our Synaptic, Inc. portfolio is, we also employ a broad range of techniques to create and deliver winning sales and marketing campaigns. The differences in size, style, and substance among our on-site sales promotions mean we can offer something unique for every company we represent. Through strategic planning, we home in on the ideal consumers for each brand.

This means we have a wide-ranging list of training options as well. We know that preparing our brand experts for lasting success requires a variety of methods and techniques, so we offer internal seminars and travel events with lots of learning potential. At conferences, networking functions, and award ceremonies, our people interact with other top performers of all kinds. They come back home with fresh insights to improve our daily processes.

We’re always learning to keep up with our portfolio expansion. Get regular updates on our continuing growth by staying tuned to the Synaptic, Inc. Newswire feed.