Best Tips to Network More Effectively

Best Tips to Network More Effectively

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We encourage professional networking in our Synaptic, Inc. training model. This practice is essential for anyone who seeks to go far in their careers, like our people. When we connect with others, we open ourselves to more knowledge, possible mentors, and of course, opportunities. Our team members often attend events that put them in contact with movers and shakers in our industry. Here are three best practices anyone can try to be more proficient at mixers and conferences:
• Have a Résumé Just for Networking: Our Synaptic, Inc. live events are tailored specifically to meet consumers’ unique needs. In a networking situation, one best practice would be to create a brief résumé that highlights specific points those in attendance might want to know about us. Work samples and references lists are also good things to have on hand when circulating a room, because we never know who we might meet.

• Research Companies: A key factor in our Synaptic, Inc. business model is our ability to research consumers and gain an understanding of what is important to them. The same can be said of researching companies before attending an event. If we know who might attend, it allows us to prepare talking points.

• Have Business Cards: Even in this digital age, it’s good to have contact information to pass out during an in-person gathering.

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