Jake’s Educational Trip to Cincinnati

Jake’s Educational Trip to Cincinnati

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Travel events are major parts of the Synaptic, Inc. training approach, so we’re excited to highlight Jake’s recent trip to Cincinnati. He went there to learn about a new marketing campaign and connect with successful people in the area.

Our firm’s President explained that as our portfolio continues to grow, the need to learn about new brands grows along with it. Knowledge is key when promoting any product, so we want to make sure we know how to best serve new addition to our portfolio. Jake was able to get an insider’s perspective during his time in Cincinnati, which will help us quite a bit as we expand the market for our latest brand.

We take pride in the many travel events we offer members of Team Synaptic, Inc. Training in other successful offices, attending conferences, and learning about new products are all common occurrences around our office. As our team members expand their horizons and add to their networks, they equip themselves for even greater achievements in our competitive industry.

When our brand experts travel together, they also build stronger bonds that fuel winning teamwork. Exploring new places with teammates is an inspiring experience, because it gives people chances to reflect on what’s going well back home.

We’re excited to apply what Jake learned during his Cincinnati trip. Follow Synaptic, Inc. on Instagram for updates on this and all our travel events.