Three Fresh Ways to Motivate New People

Three Fresh Ways to Motivate New People

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Our Synaptic, Inc. onboarding process is where our people first learn the ins and outs of our company and business model. We eschew the ordinary means of knowledge transfer, such as videos and books, and focus on more engaging learning techniques. As such, we’re continually asking questions to help us incorporate fresh ideas into our learning environment. Here are three worth exploring:
• What is our business and who are our competitors?: Details about our company’s foundation are among the first pieces of information we impart through our Synaptic, Inc. training program. One way to ingrain this knowledge into people’s minds is through games such as Jeopardy or even scavenger hunts. Prizes add fun to spirited competition.

• What is our vision and how will we get there?: In our firm, the management structure is accessible. For a bigger company, it’s important for team members to connect with leaders at all levels. Invite top managers to speak and share their objectives with new hires.

• How can I succeed?: We have this covered through our Synaptic, Inc. coaching model. Our newest hires work side by side with our experienced team members to learn the ropes and what it takes to excel. From day one, we engage them in hands-on experiences with which they are offered feedback and pointers.

We seek to inspire our incoming team members so that they flourish in our firm. Follow us on [Instagram] for more success tips.