Synaptic, Inc.:

Live Approach for Faster Outcomes

Think high click rates are getting your brand the attention it needs? Not so fast. The metrics from digital marketing rarely prove valuable in terms of sales and profits.

This is why our Synaptic, Inc. model takes your product directly to consumers. We specialize in live events at high-end retail locations, where we can interact in-person with your customers.

Each one-on-one exchange allows our team to see peoples’ reactions and respond in real time. Our strategy has been proven to be up to 11 times more effective at achieving desired results compared to online marketing and on-shelf positioning.

Our guiding principles are behind our Synaptic, Inc. approach. Each live event shows that we have the right touch to give brands a significant competitive edge in a crowded market.

Core Values That Ensure Synaptic, Inc. Success

Driven Expertise

Our Synaptic, Inc. team is filled with energetic individuals who are open to new ideas and have a thirst for getting results. We channel this drive through our immersive training program that feeds them the knowledge they need for success.

Dependable Excellence

We are accountable and professional in every way, from our exchanges with consumers, to our creative campaigns, to our team-driven model. By being effective and reliable, we earn trust, which leads to growth for all.

Teamwork at Its Finest

Our focus on common goals inspires our people to collaborate effectively. Through our entrepreneurship program, each team member has the tools and guidance to realize their ambitions. Their determination makes it happen. We want everyone to excel as individuals so that we succeed as a team.

Remarkable Customer Service

Synaptic, Inc. is known for establishing great rapport with consumers. Our inventive campaigns and live marketing model ensure fast sales and profits. Brands who seek an effective outreach approach partner with us because they know our face-to-face solutions work.

Our career opportunities give ambitious people room to grow.

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