Synaptic, Inc. Sets the Stage for Learning

Our Synaptic, Inc. learning philosophy is simple. We provide an environment in which new hires can gain the business skills they need to become entrepreneurs. They learn from experienced coaches who guide them as they discover how to manage resources and people. Through our leadership development program, they quickly transition into leadership roles and ownership of their offices.

Each step along the way, our managers share their expertise on how to build a career in live sales and marketing. Our individualized growth plan ensures that every individual has the knowledge to advance.

We recognize that Synaptic, Inc.’s growth depends on the success of our people. That’s why we personalize our training to fit individual preferences and strengths. Doing so raises success rates and helps us develop a powerhouse team.

Fueling our People’s Drive at Synaptic, Inc.

Each person has his or her own learning style, which is why our training program is presented in different formats. There is a good mix of hands-on experience and classroom learning to accommodate a variety of needs. We emphasize the following entrepreneurial skills:

How to manage communication across all channels, vertically and horizontally

How to conduct market research and analysis for new companies

How to create and manage effective live marketing campaigns, including logistics and partner relationships

Our Team Earns While They Learn

We have an entry-level training program that makes it easy for new team members to earn while they learn the skills needed to excel in business.
Our Synaptic, Inc. office is energetic and supportive. We offer a competitive compensation package and advancement opportunities. When our people complete the initial program, they move on to manage sales teams with specialties in many areas, including:

  • Direct sales and promotional events
  • Technology
  • Marketing and advertising

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