Preparing for Our Annual R&R Getaway

Preparing for Our Annual R&R Getaway

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Our annual R&R trip is perhaps the most sought-after Synaptic, Inc. travel incentive, and this year it’s taking us to Las Vegas! We’re sure to make lasting memories with our teammates as we unwind and interact with accomplished people from all corners of our industry.

Our company’s President stated, “The R&R trip is a fantastic opportunity for our brand experts to recharge their batteries and find fresh inspiration for the rest of the year. It also gives us the chance to reward those team members who have been stepping up the most in our office. We want to recognize those who have shown dependability, consistency, and strong leadership skills around the Synaptic, Inc. office.”

We use a few simple strategies to make the most of our team travel events. One thing we try to remember is that although we can’t control things like unexpected delays or itinerary changes, we can control how we manage them. We take deep breaths, listen to music, and meditate in order to stay fully engaged and feeling our best throughout our business trips.

Staying active also helps us enjoy every team trip to the fullest. We pack running shoes and workout clothes so we can fit in some exercise during every excursion. Walking around a new city and checking out a hotel gym are great ways to feel and sleep better when we’re on the road.

We’re excited about going to Vegas with our colleagues. Check out the Synaptic, Inc. Newswireto stay updated on all our relaxing team getaways.